Ascension is blessed to have so many faithful and generous givers! We appreciate you and give thanks to God for your consistent support of our mission!

Did you know our church offers multiple ways to give? Our eGiving options through VANCO Faith are convenient alternatives to cash and checks, which are difficult to use if you’re joining us virtually and can easily be forgotten at home when worshipping in person. But that’s not the only reason to consider our eGiving program for your one time gifts or recurring donations. Here are seven benefits of eGiving.

  1. It Makes Giving Easy eGiving makes it simple for you to give exactly how and when you want. You can make a one-time donation or set up recurring gifts right from your computer, tablet or phone.
  2. It’s Safe and Secure You never need to worry about your donation making it into our account. Unlike with checks and cash, which can be misplaced, gifts made via eGiving are directly sent to our church’s bank account. Our payment solutions provider (Vanco Faith) ensures your personal information remains secure.
  3. No Cash, No Checks, No Problem Never worry about forgetting your cash or checkbook at home again. With eGiving, you can make a donation right from your phone. For further worryfree giving, you can also set up recurring donations online, so your gift continues even when you can’t make it to service.
  4. You Can Choose Where Your Gift Goes We know our members feel passionately about supporting many causes. Our church uses donations to fund everything from worship to building maintenance. When you make a gift using our eGiving tools, you can direct the funds toward the cause you wish to support at our church.
  5. It Gives Our Church Stability Your generous donations support our mission, operations and many ministries. By setting up recurring donations online, you enable us to maintain financial stability and plan for the future.
  6. You Can Give on the Go With eGiving, you don’t have to physically be at church to contribute. Use our church’s convenient eGiving tools to donate from the beach, on the road or right at home.
  7. You Can Easily Track Your Giving History From your eGiving account, you can view past donations, update bank account or credit and debit card information, and set up recurring gifts or adjust existing ones.

SUPPORT OUR CHURCH WITH eGIVING eGiving brings flexibility to your generosity. You can direct funds, set up one-time or recurring payments from your phone or tablet and give from anywhere at any time! Learn more about our eGiving options by calling Chuck Ellingson, Office Manager, 414.645.2933, Office hours: 9am-4:30pm Monday-Thursday.